English 102: Intro to The Romantics and Victorians, UC Irvine
Syllabus, Al Wlecke and Al Drake

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Note: Students are expected to develop, on their own, an accurate "reading knowledge" of all the works given on this list-whether or not they have been discussed in class. "Reading knowledge" means, at the very least, the ability to identify a particular passage by giving the exact title of the work in which that passage appears. Students are also responsible for the editorial material accompanying the texts in the Norton Anthology, the introductions to individual authors, relevant dates, and, of course, the general introductions to the Romantic and Victorian Periods as given in the Norton Anthology.

Part I -- The Romantic Period

1. Introduction to the Romantic Period (Norton Anthology)

2. Wordsworth

3. Keats

Part II -- The Victorian Period

4. Introduction to the Victorian Age (Norton)

5. Carlyle

6. Arnold

7. Newman

Apologia Pro Vita Sua

8. Tennyson

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