E211: British Literature to 1760

Syllabus Page for Spring 2004

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Course Policies, Required Texts, etc. (Please review this information.)

Papers #1 and #2 Instructions. (25% and 35% of grade; first paper due Week 10 (April 7) and second paper due along with in-class final exam. See also draft comments for everyone.

Final Exam. (40% of grade.) View suggestions on how to prepare.

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Questions: Bede | Rood | Maldon | Marie | Ancrene | Chaucer | Langland | Wakefield | More | Wyatt | Spenser | Ralegh | Hariot | Marlowe | Shakespeare | Donne | Jonson | Bacon | Browne | Hobbes | Milton | Herbert | Bunyan | Defoe | Swift | Pope | Johnson | Boswell | Gray | Sterne

Audio Note: If your browser has a media plug-in, you may listen to class sessions by left-clicking on syllabus entries; if you have a separate media player, right-click links first and save files to disk. [Audio has been removed since the class is no longer current.]

WEEK 1 (Wednesday, February 04)

Course Introduction.

WEEK 2 (Wednesday, February 11)

Chaucer. Canterbury Tales. General Prologue lines 1-164, Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale. Bede's Ecclesiastical History; Dream of the Rood; Battle of Maldon; Marie de France's "The Wolf and the Lamb" and "The Wolf and the Sow"; Ancrene Riwle.

WEEK 3 (Wednesday, February 18)

Langland. Piers Plowman.

Wakefield Master. Second Shepherd's Play.

WEEK 4 (Wednesday, February 25)

More. Utopia.

Wyatt. "The Long Love," "My Galley," "Madam, Withouten Many Words," "Whoso List to Hunt," "My Lute, Awake!" "They Flee from Me," "Divers Doth Use," "Blame Not My Lute," "Forget Not Yet," "Who List His Wealth and Ease," "Mine Own John Poins."

Spenser. "Epithalamion." (Audio included in Wyatt section.)

Ralegh and Hariot. All selections. (Audio included in Wyatt section.)

WEEK 5 (Wednesday, March 03)

Marlowe. Doctor Faustus.

WEEK 6 (Wednesday, March 10)

Shakespeare. The Tempest. (separate text)

WEEK 7 (Wednesday, March 17)

Donne. Poems and Prose -- "The Flea," "The Good Morrow," "Song--Go and Catch a Falling Star," "The Canonizaton," "A Nocturnal upon Saint Lucy's Day," "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning," "Holy Sonnets" (all), "Good Friday, 1613: Riding Westward," "from Devotions," and selection from "Death's Duel."

Jonson. The Masque of Blackness. [Included in audio file above.]

WEEK 8 (Wednesday, March 24)

Bacon...from Essays, from Essays, The Advancement of Learning, Novum Organum, and The New Atlantis.

Browne. Religio Medici and Hydriotaphia; Hobbes. Leviathan.

WEEK 9 (Wednesday, March 31)

Spring Recess, no class.

WEEK 10 (Wednesday, April 07)

Milton. Paradise Lost.

WEEK 11 (Wednesday, April 14)

Herbert and Bunyan. Herbert: "The Altar," "Redemption," "Easter," "Easter Wings," "Affliction (I)," "Prayer (1)," "Jordan (1)," "Denial," "Jordan (2)," "Time," "The Bunch of Grapes," "The Pilgrimage," "The Pulley," "The Flower," "Discipline," "Death." Bunyan: Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners. (Bunyan E-Text)

WEEK 12 (Wednesday, April 21)

Defoe. A Journal of the Plague Year. (separate text)

WEEK 13 (Wednesday, April 28)

Swift. from Gulliver's Travels.

WEEK 14 (Wednesday, May 05)

Pope. The Rape of the Lock and Eloisa to Abelard.

WEEK 15 (Wednesday, May 12)

Johnson and Boswell. From Johnson's Rasselas, Rambler #4, Preface to Dictionary, Preface to Shakespeare, Metaphysical Wit; from Boswell's Grand Tour and Life of Samuel Johnson.

WEEK 16 (Wednesday, May 19)

Gray and Sterne. Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard," Sterne's A Sentimental Journey. (separate text)


Wednesday, May 26, 5:00-6:50 p.m. at the usual location. Exam is open-book and open-note. It will consist in an essay question and possibly a short response or two (paragraph-length). The second paper is also due on this date.