E211: British Literature to 1760

Syllabus Page for Summer 2003

Alfred J. Drake | 423 UH | TW 12:45-1:45 | ajdrake@ajdrake.com

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Course Policies, Required Texts, etc. (Please review this information.)

Paper Instructions. (25% of grade, due 8/14, draft or notes included.)

Journal Instructions. (Journal is 20% of grade; review instructions.)

General: College Success | Sample Essay | Grammar | Deductive Essays | Citation | Analysis | Editing | Plagiphrasing | Orwell | Rubric | Links

Guides: Chaucer's English | Medieval Humours | Renaissance Soul | Typology | Great Chain | Allegory | Renaissance Lyric | Epic Conventions | Petrarchan Sonnet | Poets & Gospel | Shakespeare Review | P.L. Arguments {New!} | P.L. Guide | P.L. Chronology | P.L. Modes | Divine Right | Renaissance Rhetoric {New!}

Questions: Chaucer | Wakefield | More | Hoby | Wyatt | Surrey | Sidney | Spenser | Marlowe | Shakespeare | Donne | Bacon | Herbert | Herrick & Crashaw | Vaughan | Milton | Pope

Audio Note: If your browser has a media plug-in, you may listen to class sessions by left-clicking on syllabus entries; if you have a separate media player, you must right-click links first and save files to disk. [Audio has been removed since the class is no longer current.]

WEEK 1 (*Note: Relevant Norton author/period intros are assigned.)

07/14. Course Introduction.

07/15. Chaucer. "General Prologue" lines 1-164, 625-860.

07/16. Chaucer. "The Pardoner's Prologue and Tale."

07/17. Wakefield Master. Second Shepherds' Play.


07/21. More's Utopia and Hoby's The Courtier.

07/22. Wyatt: "The Long Love," ... "My Galley," "Madam, Withouten Many Words," "Whoso List to Hunt," "My Lute, Awake!" "They Flee from Me," "Divers Doth Use," "Blame Not My Lute," "Forget Not Yet," "Who List His Wealth and Ease," "Mine Own John Poins." Surrey: "Love, That Doth Reign," "The Soote Season," "O Happy Dames," "Martial...," "Wyatt Resteth Here," "So Cruel Prison."

07/23. Sidney. "Defence of Poesy."

07/24. Spenser's "Epithalamion"; Marlowe's "Hero and Leander," "Passionate Shepherd." [Journal Responses due on 3 authors]


07/28. Shakespeare. King Lear. [Film in class]

07/29. Shakespeare (cont.). King Lear. [Film in class]

07/30. Shakespeare (cont.). King Lear.

07/31. Donne. "The Flea," "The Good Morrow," "Song--Go and Catch a Falling Star," "The Canonizaton," "A Nocturnal upon Saint Lucy's Day," "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning," "Holy Sonnets" (all), "Good Friday, 1613: Riding Westward," "from Devotions," and selection from "Death's Duel."


08/04. Bacon. All Norton selections. From Essays, The Advancement of Learning, Novum Organum, and The New Atlantis.

08/05. Herbert... "The Altar," "Redemption," "Easter," "Easter Wings," "Affliction (I)," "Prayer (1)," "Jordan (1)," "Denial," "Jordan (2)," "Time," "The Bunch of Grapes," "The Pilgrimage," "Discipline," "Death." Vaughan: "The World." Crashaw: "On the Wounds of Our Crucified Lord," "The Flaming Heart." Herrick: "Corinna's Going A-Maying," "The Hock-Cart, or Harvest Home," "Upon the Nipples of Julia's Breast."

08/06. Milton. Paradise Lost, Books 1-2.

08/07. Milton. Paradise Lost, Books 3-4.


08/11. Milton. Paradise Lost, Books 5-8.

08/12. Milton. Paradise Lost, Books 8-10. [Journals due.]

08/13. Milton, PL, Books 11-12. C18 pointers.

08/14. Final exam in class: essay-based. Anthology and notes allowed.