E212: British Literature since 1760

Syllabus Page for Fall 2002

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Note: Other other sites are available from my Portal. *This upper-division course, originally named E312, was subsequently renamed E212 and transferred to lower-division status to meet CSUF's need for surveys at that level. Additional versions as E212: Summer 2004, Spring 2003.

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General: College Success | Using Internet | Literary Theory | Sample Paper | Grammar | Deductive Essays | Citation | Analysis | Editing | Plagiphrasing | Orwell | Rubric | Writing Resources

Specific: C19 Characteristics | British Liberalism | Romantic Topics | Romantic Backgrounds | Milton's Influence | Organic Metaphor | Romantic Nature | What Good is Poetry? | Coleridge | Adam and Eve | Marx on Commodites | Millais' 1851 "Mariana" | Waterhouse's 1888 "...Shalott" | Wilde's "Decay..." PDF | Wilde's "Decay..." HTML | Modernism Intro.

Study Questions: Blake | Wordsworth | Coleridge | Shelley, P.B. | Shelley, Mary | Carlyle | Mill, J.S. | Ruskin | Tennyson | Arnold | Browning | Rossetti, D.G. | Rossetti, Chr. | Swinburne | Hopkins | Pater | Wilde | Conrad | Joyce | Yeats


*Note: please consider the Norton introductions to our authors and periods as assigned material.

08/27. Intro to class and to the Romantic period

08/29. Blake. From Songs of Innocence and of Experience


09/03. Blake. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell; Letters

09/05. Wordsworth. "Preface to Lyrical Ballads"; "Expostulation and Reply"; "The Tables Turned"; begin discussing "Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey"


09/10. Wordsworth. "Expostulation and Reply"; "The Tables Turned"; "She dwelt among the untrodden ways"; "A slumber did my spirit seal"; "Lucy Gray"; "Three years she grew"; "Resolution and Independence"; "I wandered lonely as a cloud;" "My heart leaps up"; "The Solitary Reaper"; "Sonnet composed upon Westminster Bridge, 1802"; "Intimations of Immortality"

09/12. Coleridge. From Biographia Literaria XIII-XIV, XVII; from The Statesman's Manual; "The Eolian Harp"; "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"; "Kubla Khan"; "Frost at Midnight"; "Dejection: an Ode"


09/17. Shelley. from "A Defence of Poetry"; "Mutability"; "To Wordsworth"; "England in 1819"; "Ode to the West Wind"; "To a Sky-Lark"

09/19. Shelley, continued. Keats. "Ode on a Grecian Urn"; letters on pp. 889-90, 894. [Please note change in Keats readings.]


09/24. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

09/26. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.


10/01. Intro. to Victorian period; from Carlyle's Portraits; Sartor Resartus

10/03. Carlyle. From Sartor Resartus and Past and Present. Final Draft of Paper #1 Due


10/08. Mill. From On Liberty, The Subjection of Women, and Autobiography.

10/10. Ruskin. From Modern Painters; from The Stones of Venice; The Storm Cloud of the Nineteenth Century, "Lecture 1"


10/15. Midterm Exam in class.

10/17. Tennyson. From In Memoriam A.H.H. (Read as many of the following as you can--we will discuss several of them in class: Prologue, 1-5, 7, 11, 14-15, 28, 30, 34, 39, 54-56, 75, 108, 118, 123-24, 126, 130-31, Epilogue)


10/22. Tennyson. "The Lady of Shalott"; "The Lotos-Eaters"; "Ulysses"; "Tithonus"; "Mariana," "The Eagle"; "Tears, Idle Tears"; "The Charge of the Light Brigade"; "Crossing the Bar"

10/24. Arnold. "Preface to Poems (1853)"; "The Function of Criticism at the Present Time"; "The Buried Life"; "Dover Beach"; "Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse"


10/29. Browning. "The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed's Church"; "Caliban upon Setebos"

D. G. Rossetti. "The Blessed Damozel"; "The Woodspurge"; "The Sea-Limits"; from The House of Life

10/31. Rossetti, Christina. all except "Goblin Market"

Swinburne. "Hymn to Proserpine"; "Ave Atque Vale"


11/05. Hopkins. All Norton selections.

11/07. Pater and Wilde. Pater's "Preface to The Renaissance" and "Conclusion to The Renaissance"; Wilde's "The Decay of Lying" (PDF format, course web)


11/12. Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest

11/14. Intro. to Twentieth Century. Thomas Hardy -- just read the shorter poems that appeal to you


11/19. Conrad's Heart of Darkness

11/21. Conrad's Heart of Darkness


11/26 - no class

11/28 - no class


12/03. Joyce's The Dead

12/05. Yeats. "The Lake Isle of Innisfree"; "Easter 1916"; "The Second Coming"; "Sailing to Byzantium"; "Leda and the Swan"; "Byzantium"; "Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop"; "The Circus Animals' Desertion"; "Under Ben Bulben"


12/10. Dylan Thomas. All Norton selections

12/12. Doris Lessing. "To Room Nineteen." Final Draft of Paper #2 due.


12/19. Thursday, 9:30-11:20 a.m. I will be in class during this time so you can turn in your take-home final exam. You may also turn it in at an earlier date if that would be more convenient for you; I'll be giving out the exam instructions early enough to make that feasible.