English 240: Ancient Literature

Syllabus Page for Interterm 2004

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Term Paper 5 pages; see instructions. Final draft due on day of final exam. See General Draft Comments for Everyone.

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Week 01 (January 6-8)

T. Course Introduction.
W. King James Bible, Job.
Th. King James Bible, Gospel Acc. to Saint Matthew. [#1] | [#2]

Week 02 (January 13-15)

T. Bhagavad-Gita.
W. Aeschylus. Prometheus Bound.
Th. Euripides. Medea. (film)

Week 03 (January 20-22)

T. Euripides. Medea. (Discussion)
W. Apuleius. The Golden Ass, approx. first half of book.
Th. Apuleius. The Golden Ass, second half.

Week 04 (January 27-29)

T. Augustine. Confessions.
W. Augustine. Confessions.
Th. Final Exam.