E335: Literature of Victorian England

Syllabus Page for Spring 2003

Al Drake | Classroom | Wed. 3-4 | 714-434-1612

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Audio Note: Lectures were made available online after class. [Audio has been removed since the class is no longer current.]

Paper 1 (due 3/12 -- please note change; was 3/5)
Paper 2 (due on Wed. 5/14, i.e. day of final exam)

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C19 Period: Intro* | Characteristics | Liberalism | Topics | Backgrounds | Milton | Darwin | Organicism | Nature | What Good is Poetry? | Marxism

Questions: Carlyle | Newman | Mill | Tennyson | Ruskin | Darwin | Arnold | Rossetti, D.G. | Rossetti, C. | Hopkins | Wilde

Schedule of Assignments:

WEEK 1 (January 29)

1st. half: Intro to Course / Victorian Period

WEEK 2 (February 5)

1st half: Carlyle. "Signs of the Times."
2nd half: Carlyle. On Heroes.

WEEK 3 (February 12)

1st: Carlyle. Past and Present.

2nd: Newman. Idea of University; Apologia.

WEEK 4 (February 19)

1st: Mill. On Liberty.

2nd: Mill. Subjection of Women; Autobiography.

WEEK 5 (February 26)

1st: Tennyson. In Memoriam.

2nd: Tennyson. In Memoriam A.H.H.

WEEK 6 (March 5)

1st: E. Barrett Browning. "Sonnets from the Portuguese"; "The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point." Also Martineau -- all selections, and Nightingale -- Cassandra; Notes on Nursing.

WEEK 7 (March 12)

1st: Ruskin. Stones of Venice; Unto this Last; Storm-Cloud; Praeterita. [Paper #1 Due.]

WEEK 8 (March 19)

1st: Midterm Exam.

2nd: Darwin. Voyage of the Beagle; Origin of Species; The Descent of Man; Autobiography. As introductory science material, read also Lyell (50-52) and Chambers (58-62).

WEEK 9 (March 26)

1st: Arnold. "Preface to Poems, 1853"; "The Buried Life"; "Stanzas from the Grand Chartreuse"; "Dover Beach."

2nd: Arnold. "The Function of Criticism at the Present Time."

WEEK 10 (April 2)

1st: D.G. Rossetti. All selections. "Damozel"; "Woodspurge"; House of Life.

2nd: Christina Rossetti. All selections.

WEEK 11 (April 9)

1st: Hopkins. All selections.

2nd: Hopkins. All selections.

WEEK 12 (April 16)

1st: no class, spring break.

WEEK 13 (April 23)

1st: Wilde. "The Decay of Lying."

2nd: Wilde. "Decay" (cont.); Lady Windermere's Fan.

WEEK 14 (April 30)

1st: Wilde. Lady Windermere's Fan; Salome.

WEEK 15 (May 7)

1st: Hardy. Jude the Obscure.


4:15-6:45 PM Wednesday May 14, same location.