E434: British Novel to 1900

Syllabus for Spring 2004

Alfred J. Drake. Office: Classroom, Thurs 6-7 / Ph: 714-434-1612

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Course Policies, Required Texts, etc. (Please review this information.)

General: College Success | Literary Theory | Sample Paper | Grammar | Deductive Essays | Citation | Analysis | Editing | Plagiphrasing | Writing Resources | Reading Novels

Specific: C19 Characteristics | British Liberalism | Romantic Topics | Romantic Backgrounds | Organic Metaphor | Romantic Nature | Johnson's Rambler #4

Journal Requirement: Keep an informal journal of your thoughts as you read through each of the novels on our syllabus. Since there is no midterm, the journal will be 30% of your grade. See instructions.

Paper Requirement: see instructions. See also advance draft comments.

Schedule of Assignments:

Week 1, February 5

Course Introduction

Week 2, February 12

Richardson's Pamela.

Week 3, February 19

Richardson's Pamela.

Week 4, February 26

Fielding's Joseph Andrews/Shamela.

Week 5, March 4

Fielding's Joseph Andrews/Shamela. [I'll be out of town.]

Week 6, March 11

Austen's Emma. (Film) [Journals due]

Week 7, March 18

Austen's Emma. (Discussion)

Week 8, March 25

Bronte's Jane Eyre. (Film)

Week 9, April 1

Bronte's Jane Eyre. (Discussion)

Week 10, April 8 (Spring Break)

Week 11, April 15

Dickens' Great Expectations. [Film, Journals due]

Week 12, April 22

Dickens' Great Expectations.

Week 13, April 29

Trollope's Barchester Towers.

Week 14, May 6

Hardy. Tess of the Durbervilles. (Film)

Week 15, May 13

Hardy. Tess of the Durbervilles. (Discussion)

Week 16

Thursday, May 20, 7-9:30 p.m. Final exam in class; books/notes allowed. [Journals due, Paper due]