E491: History of Literary Criticism

Syllabus Page for Fall 2004

Al Drake | 520 Hum. M/W 12:00-1:00 | ajdrake@ajdrake.com

Note: My Portal links to a previous Fall 2003 E491 and to my Chapman U E456 contemporary theory seminars for Spring 2003 and Spring 2002. This semester at CSUF I am also teaching E212, British Literature since 1760.

Course Particulars: English 491, Course Code 12816. M/W 1:00-2:15, McCarthy Hall 685. Office hours: M/W 12-12:55 in Humanities 520.

Course Policies and Required Texts. (Please Review.)

5-7 Page Paper Requirement. 30% of course grade. Final draft due on day of final exam. See Advance Draft Comments. The paper should follow recent MLA guidelines and include a works cited page. Graduate students should write a 10-15 page paper.

Journal Requirement. 30% of course grade. Consists of responses to a choice of study questions for each author. Due in class Wednesday of Weeks 4, 8, 12, and on final exam day. (Or you may email them by the end of those evenings.)

Spotlight Response Requirement (includes schedule). 10% of course grade. Each class, three students will offer their responses to a different study question about the day's assigned text. Responses can be informal, and there is no need to turn in anything. Students will sign up in advance for three study questions, each on a different author. Responses need not take more than 2-3 minutes, not including others' remarks. I will bring in a hard-copy signup schedule and transfer the names to the online schedule that accompanies the hyperlinked page in this paragraph.

Final Exam Requirement. 30% of course grade. The exam will consist of some short questions requiring a few sentences or a short paragraph in response, and one essay, probably comparative. Books and notes are allowed. Exam date is 12/17, Friday. 2:30-4:00.

Criticism and Theory Resources: Voice of the Shuttle | Johns Hopkins Guide | Sokal's Hoax | Teachers Web--Study Guides.

General: College Success | 4 Theory Coordinates | Sample Paper | Grammar Guide | Essay-Writing Guide | Citing Sources | Analyzing Texts | Editing Drafts | Plagiphrasing | Bad English | Links | C18 and Romanticism | Restoration and C18 | Organic Metaphor | Romantic Nature | Victorian Intro. | Marx Intro.

Questions: Plato | Aristotle | Horace | Plotinus | Augustine | Aquinas | Dante | Sidney | Du Bellay | Corneille | Pope | Johnson | Hume | Kant | Lessing | Schiller | Hegel | Wordsworth | Coleridge | Shelley | Marx-Engels | Arnold | Baudelaire | Nietzsche | James | Mallarmé

Audio Note: If your browser has a media plug-in, left-click on class session links; if you have a separate player, right-click first and save file to disk. [Audio has been removed since the class is no longer current.]

Week 1 (titles refer to Norton Anthology of Criticism and Theory)

M. 08/23. Introduction to class.  |  [Ion E-Text, Jowett Translation]
W. 08/25. Plato. Ion.

Week 2

M. 08/30. Plato. Republic, Books II, III, VII, X.
W. 09/01. Plato's Phaedrus; Aristotle's Poetics.

Week 3

M. 09/06. Labor Day Holiday.
W. 09/08. Aristotle. Poetics.

Week 4

M. 09/13. Horace. Ars Poetica.
W. 09/15. Plotinus. "On the Intellectual Beauty" (5th Ennead). [Journal Set 1]

Week 5

M. 09/20. Augustine / Aquinas / Dante. Norton selections.
W. 09/22. Sidney. "An Apology for Poetry" (326-40, 348-50).

Week 6

M. 09/27. Du Bellay and Corneille. Norton selections.
W. 09/29. Pope. "An Essay on Criticism."

Week 7

M. 10/04. Johnson. Norton selections.
W. 10/06. Hume. "Of the Standard of Taste."

Week 8

M. 10/11. Kant. Critique..., Bk I: "Analytic of the Beautiful."
W. 10/13. Kant. Critique..., Bk II: "Analytic of the Sublime." [Journal Set 2]

Week 9

M. 10/18. Lessing. Laocoon.
W. 10/20. Schiller. Aesthetic Education of Man, Letters 2, 6, 9.

Week 10

M. 10/25. Hegel. "Master-Slave Dialectic."
W. 10/27. Hegel. Lectures on Fine Art, "Intro."

Week 11

M. 11/01. Wordsworth. "Preface to Lyrical Ballads (1802)."
W. 11/03. Wordsworth. "Preface to Lyrical Ballads (1802)."

Week 12

M. 11/08. Coleridge. Statesman's Manual; Biographia Literaria.
W. 11/10. Shelley. "A Defense of Poetry." [Journal Set 3]

Week 13

M. 11/15. Marx/Engels. German Ideology; Grundrisse; Preface....
W. 11/17. Arnold. "Function of Criticism...."

Week 14

M. 11/22. Holiday Recess.
W. 11/24. Holiday Recess.

Week 15

M. 11/29. Baudelaire. The Painter of Modern Life.
W. 12/01. Nietzsche. "On Truth and Lying...."

Week 16

M. 12/06. James. "The Art of Fiction."
W. 12/08. Mallarmé. "Crisis in Poetry."

Finals Week

12/17, Friday. 2:30-4:00. [Also due: Journal Set 4 and Paper.]