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Homeric Translation in Theory and Practice. (1861) PDF (502k.) | Get Acrobat Reader Based on the London: Williams and Norgate, 1861 edition. (This volume is a reply to Matthew Arnold's 1861 On Translating Homer; see the Matthew Arnold Index.)

Notes on file format and downloading: Pdf files require Acrobat Reader version 4 or later.  The files are optimized for fast web view, so viewers with a browser plug-in for Adobe pdf documents can begin reading right away while the entire file continues to download.  Those who do not have the plug-in must wait for the download to complete, save the file to their own hard disk, and then open it with Acrobat Reader if that program is already installed.  (Please be aware that large files may take several minutes to download fully at 56k.)  If Acrobat Reader is not already installed, first save the pdf file, then download Acrobat Reader and install that program before trying to open the pdf file.

Some texts are also available as html.  These files (except brief essay-length texts) are zipped with the exe extension.  However, no unzip utility is required--simply download files to a folder of your choice, double-click on the exe file, and a pop-up dialog box will offer instructions.  Those who need txt files may, when an html version is listed, find text versions at Project Gutenberg.

*Mac users: to open zipped html files, after downloading rename the extension from exe to zip, and then unzip with a utility such as ZipIt, StuffIt Expander, MacZip, etc.  Afterwards, regarding txt files, if your word processor does not provide DOS/WIN to MAC text options or some other conversion application such as DataViz, you can convert the file to Mac text with the freeware program TEXT<->.Txt Converter.