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Guides by Period, Genre, or Topic

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American Literature

M.L. King's Philosophy (Drake)

British Medieval and Renaissance

Allegory (Thompson)

Allegory in Dante (Thompson)

Bacon's Skepticism (Kroll)

Beowulf Chart (Alexander)

Beowulf Plot (Kroll) 

Great Chain of Being (Silver)

Chaucer's English (Georgianna)

Chaucer's Language (Loftus)

Epic Conventions (Kroll)

Humors (Johnson)

Humors in Titus Andronicus (Thompson)

Music of the Spheres (Kroll)

Petrarchan Conventions (Loftus)

Petrarchan Sonnet (Drake)

Poets and the Gospel (Toliver)

Ptolemaic System (Silver)

Renaissance Lyric's Modes (Kroll)

Renaissance Soul in Philosophy (Silver)

Renaissance Soul in Diagram (Silver)

Shakespeare Introduction (Kroll)

Shakespeare Review (Kroll)

Shepherds' Adoration of Christ (Friedman)

Sidney Biography (Kroll)

Spenser's FQ Book One Summary (Drake/Kroll)

Spenser's FQ Commendatory Verses (Kroll)

Tudor Prose: Lyly (Kroll)

Tuning of the World (Kroll)

Typology (Silver)

Typology (Drake)

British Civil War and Restoration Period

Divine Right of Kings (Kroll)

Paradise Lost Book Nine Outline (Kroll)

Paradise Lost Chronology (Silver)

Paradise Lost Guide: Things to Look for (Silver)

Paradise Lost Guide: Interpretation (Silver)

Paradise Lost Modes (Toliver)

Paradise Lost Review (Silver)

Puritans and Anglicans (Kroll)

Quotations about Milton (Drake)

Restoration Comedy (Kroll)

Restoration Wit (Kroll)

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Topics (Kroll)

British Eighteenth-Century

Augustan Rhetoric (Kroll)

Burke on France (Drake)

Restoration Comedy's Central Problem (Kroll)

Eighteenth-Century Verse (Kroll)

Libertinism and Skepticism (Kroll)

Rape of the Lock (Kroll)

Satire Defined (Kroll)

Skepticism (Kroll)

British Romantic

Blake and Shelley Notes (Drake)

Blake on Milton (Kroll)

Byron Notes: Don Juan (Drake)

Generalizations about the 18th.-19th. Centuries (Kroll)

Judeo-Christian Patterns and Romantic Poetry (Kroll)

Locke Notes in Connection with Romantics (Drake)

Milton and the Romantics on Language (Kroll)

Prophecy and Poetry (Kroll)

Romantic Background (Kroll)

Romantic Topics (Kroll)

Romanticism Notes (Thompson)

Romanticism Notes (Kroll)

Shelley Notes (Drake)

Shelley and Spencer on Nature (Drake)

Tower of Babel (Drake)

What Good are Poets? (Drake)

British Victorian

Bible on Work: for Teaching Carlyle (Drake)

Carlyle, Arnold, Mill: A Chart Detailing Their Positions (Drake)

Importance of Being Earnest Lecture (Drake)

Liberalism (Drake)

Wilde's Dorian Gray (Drake)

Wilde's Maxims (Drake)

British Twentieth-Century

Modernism (in two parts) (Baldwin)

Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead: Plot (Drake)

Ulysses (Norris)


Ovid's Lucretia (Thompson)

Procne Lecture (Thompson)

Rhetoric Guide (Kroll)

Rhetorical Divisions (Kroll)

Rhetorical Terms (Cobbett)


Feminist Timeline (Miller, Allison)

Susan Faludi's Backlash (Drake)

See also Theory and Criticism section below


Birth of a Nation [D.W. Griffith, 1915] (Drake)

Do the Right Thing [Spike Lee, 1989] (Drake)

General Topics and Fun Handouts

Definitions of Comedy and Tragedy (Friedman)

Definitions of Realism, Romance, and the Novel (Callard)

Impress the Teacher (Thompson)

Kings and Prime Ministers of Great Britain (Drake)

Literary Chronology: 1660-1800 (Kroll)

Literary Periods (Kroll)

Quotations on the Novel (Anonymous)

Resist Learning (Thompson)

Sonnet Quotations (Anonymous)


Aristotle vs. Plato (Drake)

Marx Lecture (Drake)

Marx on Commodities (Drake)

Nietzsche on the Greeks (Drake)

Sextus Empiricus on Signs (Kroll)


Freud on the Death Drive: Civilization and Its Discontents (Drake)


Biological Determinism: Bacon and Gould's Warnings (Drake)

Darwin's Evolutionism (Drake)

Theory and Criticism

De Man and Modernism (Thompson)

Irony Quotations (Kroll)

Irony Definitions (Thompson)

Performatives (Thompson)

Study Guides for English 456, Intro. to 20th.-Century Literary Criticism and Theory, Chapman University, Spring 2002 (Drake)

Barthes.  "Structuralist Activity,"  "What is Criticism?" "Death of Author" (Drake) 

Brooks. "Heresy of Paraphrase" and  "Irony as a Principle of Structure" (Drake)

Butler. "Variations on Sex and Gender"

Cixous. "The Laugh of the Medusa"

De Beauvoir. from The Second Sex

De Man. "The Resistance to Theory" (Drake)

Derrida. "Structure, Sign, and Play..." (Drake)

Foucault. "What is an Author?" and "Truth and Power" (Drake)

Freud. "Creative Writers and Daydreaming"

Frye. "The Function of Criticism at the Present Time" (Drake)

Lacan. "The Mirror Stage."

Nietzsche. "Truth and Falsity in an Ultramoral Sense" (Drake)

Said. "The World, the Text, and the Critic" (Drake)

Viswanathan. "Lessons of History" (Drake) 

Williams, R. "Base and Superstructure in Marxist Cultural Theory" (Drake)

Extended Internet Commentaries for Literary Criticism Course (Drake)

Aristotle's Poetics (Drake)

Arnold's "Preface" and "Function of Criticism" (Drake)

Coleridge's "Shakespeare's Judgment," Statesman's Manual (Drake)

Freud's "Creative Writers and Daydreaming" (Drake)

Horace's "Art of Poetry" (Drake)

Johnson's "On Fiction," Rasselas, "Shakespeare" (Drake)

Marx on Art (Drake)

Plato's Ion and The Republic (Drake)

Pope's "Essay on Criticism" (Drake)

Sidney's "Apology for Poetry" (Drake)

Wordsworth's "Preface to Lyrical Ballads" (Drake)