The Rape of the Lock, Plot

by Alfred J. Drake

Canto I

1-12: Prelude

13-26: Morning; Belinda asleep; Ariel; Belinda dreams of a young beau; Ariel speaks

27-114: Ariel's address; the sylphs take charge of Belinda; picture of the beau monde; the game of sex

115-20: Belinda wakes

121-48: The toilet

Canto II

1-18: Belinda rises from her toilet: her beauty

19-28: Belinda's locks

29-46: The Baron desires Belinda's beauty

47-52: Belinda secure

53-72: Ariel gloomy and anxious, summons his battalions

73-136: Ariel's speech

137-42: The sylphs await events

Canto III

1-18: The setting of Hampton Court

19-104: The "Battle" of Ombre

105-24: Taking coffee: the Baron gets an idea


155-60: Belinda's horror

161-78: The Baron's triumph; the glories of steel

Canto IV

1-10: Belinda's sorrow

11-88: Umbriel visits the Cave of Spleen; obtains the bag and vial from the Goddess

89-94: Belinda in the arms of Thalestris

95-120: Thalestris' speech

121-30: Sir Plume: demands the Baron return the lock

131-40: The Baron refuses

141-46: Belinda renews her grief

147-76: Belinda's speech

Canto V

1-8: Belinda's speech has no effect; Clarissa prepares to speak

9-34: Clarissa's speech

35-74: The beaux and the ladies fight

75-102: Belinda and the Baron fight: Belinda's victory

103-12: Belinda demands the lock, but it is missing

113-50: The apotheosis of the lock