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Note: all links have been removed from this archival copy, but the author questions (bundled according to subject/period) and study guides referenced below can be found in relevant sections of the Resource Gallery. Instructions pages for journals, presentations, etc. were similar to those available in my current courses. MP3 audio of class sessions for selected courses is still available in the Audio Archive. My blog entries for most courses are available from the Blogs Index.

Course Information. English 212, Course Code 12072. Section 1. T/R 8:30-9:50 a.m., Humanities 322. Instructor: Alfred J. Drake, Ph.D. Office hours: T/R 7:30-8:25 in University Hall 329. e212_at_ajdrake.com]. Catalog: "major periods and movements, major authors, and major forms since 1760." Units (3). Satisfies requirements for General Education (GE) Category III.B.2 with grade of C or better. I will use +/- grading. The English Dept. may be reached at (657) 278-3163. Students who need special accommodations should contact the Disabled Student Services Office in UH 101 or call (657) 278-3117. One other required link: Emergency Preparedness Guidelines.

Furlough Information. Because of budget cuts, Cal State has had to resort to furloughs. Administrative and staff furlough will result in most campus services being unavailable two days a month. Each faculty member must take 9 furlough days each semester and let students know if those days coincide with instructional days as well as assign out-of-class work to compensate. Here is a list that you will find useful in your dealings with the English Dept. and with regard to our class schedule:

English Dept. Administrative Furlough Days: if you need to interact with the English Dept., do so on a day other than the following: August 7, 28 | September 4, 25 | October 9, 23 | November 20, 23, 24, 25 | December 4, 30. (Most of the dates fall on Fridays.)

Instructor's Furlough Days: Except for October's dates, all of the following occur on Fridays, when we don't have class sessions anyway. (The October dates were assigned administratively.) I have made no major changes in the reading lists for my courses, so the quality of our experience should be the same as others I have taught at Fullerton. The furlough days I have chosen are August 28 | September 4, 25 | October 20, 21, 22 (Tu. W. Th.) | November 6, 20 | December 4.

Required Texts at Titan Bookstore

Abrams, M. H. et al., eds. The Norton Anthology of English Literature. 8th ed. New York: Norton, 2006. ISBN Package 2 (Vols. DEF) 0-393-92834-9.

Austen, Jane. Persuasion. Eds. Deidre Shauna Lynch and James Kinsley. 2nd. Edition. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2004. ISBN 0-192-80263-1.

Joyce, James. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. New York: Penguin, 2003. ISBN 0-142-43734-4.

Optional Resources: Instructor & Student Blogs | Class Sessions in MP3 Audio | Guides | Offsite Links.

Course Policies: Link to Full Instructions. Please review early in the semester.

Presentations Requirement: Link to Full Instructions. At the beginning of the course, students will sign up for two to four (depending on class size) 5-minute in-class presentations on authors of their choosing (if possible). I will provide presenters with specific questions to address (from among those on the author questions pages) and within a few days after sign-up I will post a schedule on the Presentations page. Each session will feature several presentations. Required: Several days before you present, email me as full a draft as possible of what you intend to say in class. I will email you back with advice. I will post your original draft to the students' blog for this course, but if in my comments I suggested developing the remarks further, you should also send me a revised version within one week after your in-class presentation so that I can post the new version. Other students may, if they wish, access the written entries as they're added by visiting the appropriately named link on the Course Blogs Index Page. 20% of course grade.

Journals Requirement: Link to Full Instructions. Responses to a choice of questions from the study questions page for each author. Three separate journal sets due by email as specified below in the reading schedule. Electronic format required. (30%)

Term Paper Requirement: Link to Full Instructions. By 11/19 (Thursday of Week 13), a one-paragraph description addressing the topic and argument of the projected paper will be due by email. (Full rough drafts are also encouraged.) Not providing this description on time may affect the final draft grade. Please read the term paper instructions carefully since they contain the general prompt, suggested topics, and advance draft comments. I reserve the right to require proof of the final paper's authenticity, such as notes or an early draft. Final draft (5-7 pages) due as specified towards the bottom of the syllabus page. Follow MLA guidelines. Research is purely optional; see CSUF Library. See Resources/Guides/Writing Guides: MLA, Grammar, Deductive, Citing, Analyzing, and Editing. (30%)

Final Exam Requirement: Link to Full Instructions. The exam will consist of substantive id passages, mix-and-match questions (match phrase or concept x to author/text y), and essay and/or short-essay questions. There will be more choices than required responses. Books and notes allowed for all sections, but no laptops. Students may not share books or notes during the exam. Exam date: see below. (20%)

Emailing Journals/Paper/Presentations to e212_at_ajdrake.com. Email journals, presentations, and term paper as attachments. Don't send more than one document in the same email. Label subject lines appropriately: "E212 Journal 1, Jane Smith" etc. You can paste journal sets into a regular email or send them as an attachment. (Journal "sets" include responses to questions about several authors; do not send entries on each author in a given set separately -- responses on the relevant authors should be combined into one document.) Contact me if you don't receive an email confirmation within approximately three days.

Questions: Blake | Wordsworth | Coleridge | Shelley | Keats | Austen | Carlyle | Mill | Ruskin | Arnold | Pater | Tennyson | Browning | Hopkins | D. G. Rossetti | C. Rossetti | Wilde | WWI | Yeats | Joyce.



08/25. Course Introduction.

08/27. William Blake. Songs of Innocence and of Experience (81-97); The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Plates 2-5 (111-14).


09/01. William Wordsworth. "Preface to Lyrical Ballads" (262-74); "We Are Seven" (248-49); "Expostulation and Reply" (250-51); "The Tables Turned" (251-52).

09/03. William and Dorothy Wordsworth. William's "Tintern Abbey" (258-62); "Three years she grew" (275-76); "I wandered lonely as a cloud" (305-06); "The Solitary Reaper" (314-15). Dorothy's Alfoxden and Grasmere Journals (389-402).


09/08. Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Biographia Literaria (474-85); Lectures on Shakespeare (485-88); The Statesman's Manual (488-91).

09/10. Samuel Taylor Coleridge. "The Eolian Harp" (426-28); "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" (430-48); "Kubla Khan" (446-48); "Frost at Midnight" (464-66); "Dejection: an Ode" (466-69).


09/15. Percy Bysshe Shelley. "Defense of Poetry" (837-50); "Mutability" (744); "To Wordsworth" (744-45); "Mont Blanc" (762-66).

09/17. Percy Bysshe Shelley. "Ozymandias" (768); "Ode to the West Wind" (772-75); "To a Sky-Lark" (817-19).


09/22. John Keats. "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer" (880-81); "The Eve of St. Agnes" (888-98); "Ode to a Nightingale" (903-05).

09/24. John Keats. "Ode on a Grecian Urn" (905-06); "Ode on Melancholy" (907-08), "To Autumn" (925-26); "Letters" (940-955). Journal Set 1 Due by Email Sunday, 09/27.


09/29. Jane Austen. Persuasion. (Film)

10/01. Jane Austen. Persuasion. (Film) and Persuasion, Vol. 1. (Separate text.)


10/06. Jane Austen. Persuasion, Vol. 1. (Separate text.)

10/08. Jane Austen. Persuasion, Vol. 2. (Separate text.)


10/13. Thomas Carlyle. Sartor Resartus (1005-1024).

10/15. John Stuart Mill. "On Liberty (1050-61); Autobiography'' (1070-77).


10/20. Designated by Admin. as Furlough Day: No Class. For this week, please read John Ruskin. Modern Painters (1320-24) and The Stones of Venice (1324-34). Read as well the instructor's blog entry on Ruskin at TBD. We will recap Ruskin briefly next Tuesday before moving on to Arnold.

10/22. Designated by Admin. as Furlough Day: No Class. See note above for Oct. 20.


10/27. Matthew Arnold. "The Buried Life" (1356-58); "Dover Beach" (1368-69); "Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse" (1369-74); "Preface to Poems" (1374-84).

10/29. Alfred Tennyson. "The Lady of Shalott" (1114-18); "The Lotos-Eaters" (1119-23); "Ulysses" (1123-25); from In Memoriam A.H.H.: Prologue (1138-39), 1-5 (1140-42), 54-56 (1157-59). Journal Set 2 Due by Email Sunday, 11/01.


11/03. Robert Browning and Gerard Manley Hopkins. Browning's "The Bishop Orders His Tomb. . ." (1259-62). Hopkins' "God's Grandeur" (1516); "As Kingfishers Catch Fire" (1517); "The Windhover" (1518); "Pied Beauty" (1518); "Binsey Poplars" (1519); "Duns Scotus's Oxford" (1520); "Felix Randal" (1520-21); "I wake and feel . . ." (1522-23); "No worst, there is none" (1522); "That Nature Is a Heraclitean Fire . . ." (1523); from Journal (1524-26).

11/05. Dante Gabriel and Christina Rossetti. Dante Gabriel's "The Blessed Damozel" (1443-47). Christina's "Song -- She sat and sang alway" (1460-61); "Song -- When I am dead . . ." (1461); "In an Artist's Studio" (1463); "An Apple-Gathering" (1464); "Winter My Secret" (1464-65); "No Thank You, John" (1478).


11/10. Oscar Wilde. The Importance of Being Earnest (Film + text Act 1. 1698-1740).

11/12. Oscar Wilde. The Importance of Being Earnest (Film + text Acts 2-3. 1698-1740).


11/17. WWI Poetry. Voices of World War I Section -- Sassoon (1960-64); Gurney (1965-66); Rosenberg (1966-70); Owen (1971-80); Cannan (1981-84); Graves (1984-87).

11/19. W. B. Yeats. "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" (2025); "The Second Coming" (2036-37); "Leda and the Swan" (2039); "Sailing to Byzantium" (2040); "Among School Children" (2041-42); "Byzantium" (2044-45); "Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop" (2045-46); "Under Ben Bulben" (2047-50); "The Circus Animals' Desertion" (2051-52). Term Paper Topic/Argument Paragraph due by email Sunday, 11/22.


11/24. Thanksgiving Holiday, No Classes.

11/26. Thanksgiving Holiday, No Classes.


12/01. James Joyce. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. (Film)

12/03. James Joyce. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. (Film, text Part, pp. 1-61 .)


12/08. James Joyce. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Parts 2-3 (62-158). (Separate text.)

12/10. James Joyce. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Parts 4-5 (159-276). (Separate text.)


Final Exam. Thursday, Dec. 17 9:30-11:20. Due by Sunday, Dec. 20th by email: Journal Set 3 Due. In addition, Term Paper due by Tuesday, Dec. 22. I must turn in official grades by Monday, Jan. 4, 2010. For your other courses, check CSUF's Final Exam Schedule.

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