E240 Plato Questions

Assigned: The Apology of Socrates (779-99).

1. How does Socrates characterize his accusers, and how does he interpret the charges they have made against him? Refer to relevant sections of the text in your response.

2. It has long been a point of contention whether Socrates is "guilty" of something, or whether we are to suppose him completely innocent of any offense against Athens. What do you think, and why? Refer to the text in your response.

3. Do you think that Socrates intends his remarks as a serious legal defense? Why or why not? What exactly are the main points of his defense, and what do you suppose he is trying to accomplish by means of his remarks?

4. We have spent a fair amount of time in this class discussing Greek heroic characters. What picture of Socrates emerges from this dialogue -- to what extent does he resemble a traditional Greek hero? To what extent does he differ? Refer to the text in your response.

Lawall, Sarah, ed. The Norton Anthology of World Literature. 2nd edition. Volumes 1ABC. New York: Norton, 2002. ISBN A = 0-393-97755-2, B = 0-393-97756-0, C = 0-393-97757-9.

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