Questions Index for English 432 , Fall 2008, Alfred J. Drake at Chapman University in Orange, California.

The same question sets for each author serve as the selection pool for the Journal Requirement and the Presentations Requirement. For convenience, I have included basic information for journal sets below, but detailed instructions on the journal requirement are located at Journals. Here are links to the questions pages for assigned authors, in syllabus order:

QUESTIONS FOR JOURNAL SET 1 (Due by email Week 4, 02/26):

Titus Andronicus (6 Questions)

Romeo and Juliet (6 Questions)

Julius Caesar (6 Questions)

QUESTIONS FOR JOURNAL SET 2 (Due by email Week 09, 04/02):

Hamlet (6 Questions)

Troilus and Cressida (6 Questions)

Othello (6 Questions)

Macbeth (6 Questions)

QUESTIONS FOR JOURNAL SET 3 (Due by email no later than 5/21):

King Lear (6 Questions)

Antony & Cleopatra (6 Questions)

The Winter's Tale (6 Questions)

The Tempest (6 Questions)

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