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General Instructions. On the first day of class, students will sign up for two or three (depending on class size) three-to-five minute in-class presentations on authors from our syllabus. I will then choose the specific question/s to be addressed from among the full set and will complete the schedule on this page. Students can access all questions for the relevant authors via the links below or by visiting the Questions Page. Each session will feature one or more presentations. See the syllabus for the presentation requirement's value as a percentage of the course grade.

Specific Instructions. Check the schedule below to see when your presentations will occur. Several days before you give your in-class presentation on the question/s specified next to your name, email me as complete a draft as you can. I will email you comments. After you have done your in-class presentation, email me a timely final version if necessary (i.e. if what you initially emailed needed editing/development), and I will post it to the E491 STUDENTS' BLOG. {NO LONGER AVAILABLE}

Evaluating Presentations. I will judge presentations on the following grounds: did the student 1) consult with me beforehand to discuss substantive ideas? 2) seem to have put genuine effort into preparing? 3) ensure (before or soon after the presentation) that I receive a final version to post to the students' blog? Students who do those three things will receive an "A" for the presentations requirement. I am not going to grade presentations so much on "in-class" factors as on how well students prepare and follow up. I will use a color code on this page to indicate whether students have completed the requirements: (Presented/Posted to Blog); (Presented/No Blog Entry); (No Presentation/Posted to Blog); (No Presentation).

Tips on Presenting. Speak at the front of the class. Please read the question, address the entire class, and remind us of page numbers when you quote from the text. Speak firmly so everyone can hear.

Rescheduling Presentations. If you need to miss your scheduled presentation, let me know well in advance if at all possible, and contact me about rescheduling.

SCHEDULE: Below is a list containing four things for each session: the authors/texts we will discuss, the number of each study question I've chosen for discussion, the presenters' names, and the color-coded status of the presentation. The author hyperlinks below will take you to the relevant study questions pages -- they are the same pages from which you choose questions for your journal sets. *Please note that I may specify two questions rather than one (as in "12-13 combined") if I find that the two questions go together well.


08/23. Introduction to Course and to Wiki Features.


08/30. Gorgias of Leontini, Plato. Gorgias of Leontini, Plato. Gorgias' "Encomium of Helen" (29-33). Plato's Republic Books II, III, VII, X (49-81), Phaedrus (81-86).

Gorgias. Q. 01. Niviene Ghabrial. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Plato Q. 11. Leakana Chan. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Plato Q. TBD from Phaedrus. Matthew Rippon. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


09/06. Aristotle and Horace. Aristotle's Poetics (86-117). Horace's Ars Poetica (121-35).

Aristotle Q. 02. Leakana Chan. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Aristotle Q. 03. Gay Tarin. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Aristotle Q. 06. Timothy Gomez. (Presented/Blog Pending)

Aristotle Q. 11. Matthew Rippon. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Horace Q. 01. Stephanie Ornelas. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Horace Q. 09. Christina Harris. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Horace Q. 18. Mark Williams. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


09/13. Augustine, Aquinas, Dante, Christine de Pizan. Augustine's On Christian Doctrine (185-92) and The Trinity (192-96). Aquinas' Summa Theologica (240-46). From Dante's Il Convivio (246-50) and "The Letter to Can Grande" (251-52). From De Pizan's The Book of the City of Ladies (263-70).

Augustine Q. 01. Robert Taylor. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Augustine Q. 03. Mark Williams. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Aquinas Q. 05 and 06. Jeffrey Coffman. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Dante Q. 01. Kimberly Butler. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Dante Q. 03. Marilyn Carmody. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

De Pizan Q. 02. Brianna Geisbush. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


09/20. Joachim du Bellay, Giacopo Mazzoni. Du Bellay's Defence and Illustration of the French Language (279-90). Mazzoni's On the Defense of the Comedy of Dante (299-323). Journal Set 1 Due by Email.

Du Bellay Q. 01. Carolyn Erdman. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Du Bellay Q. 02. Krystle Santana. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Du Bellay Q. 04. Jeffrey Coffman. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Mazzoni Q. 01. Timothy Gomez. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Mazzoni Q. 04. Tiffany Hager. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


09/27. Alexander Pope and Samuel Johnson. Pope's "An Essay on Criticism" (438-58). Johnson's The Rambler, No. 4 "On Fiction" (458-66); from Rasselas (466-68); "Preface to Shakespeare" (468-80).

Pope Q. 02. Jeffrey Coffman. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Pope Q. 05. Deborah Meza. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Pope Q. 11. Carolyn Erdman. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Johnson Q. 03. Stephanie Ornelas. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Johnson Q. 09. Ashley Carranza. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Johnson Q. 11. Brianna Geisbush. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


10/04. Immanuel Kant. From Critique of Judgment Book I: "Analytic of the Beautiful" (499-518); Bk II: "Analytic of the Sublime" (519-36).

Kant Q. 04. Timothy Crugnale. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Kant Q. 06. Christina Ramirez. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Kant Q. 08. Christina Garza. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Kant Q. 18. Marilyn Carmody. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Kant Q. 23. Brian Miller. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


10/11. Friedrich von Schiller, Georg Hegel. Hegel's "Master-Slave Dialectic" from The Phenomenology of Mind (626-36); "Introduction" from Lectures on Fine Art (636-45). From von Schiller's On the Aesthetic Education of Man, Letters 2, 6, 9 (571-82).

Von Schiller Q. 11. Leakana Chan. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Hegel Q. 01 and 2. Gay Tarin. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Hegel Q. 03 and 5. Timothy Crugnale. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Hegel Q. 09. Brian Miller. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Hegel Q. 10 and 11. Carolyn Erdman. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Hegel Q. 14. Christina Harris. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


10/18. William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Keats. Wordsworth's "Preface to Lyrical Ballads, 1802" (645-68). Coleridge's The Statesman's Manual (668-74); Biographia Literaria (674-82). Keats' Selected Letters Online Text.

Wordsworth Q. 01. Stephanie Ornelas. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Wordsworth Q. 03. Krystle Santana. (Credited with Presentation/Posted to Blog)

Wordsworth Q. 05. Paula Melendez. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Wordsworth Q. 07. Elizabeth Franz. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Coleridge Q. 10. Kimberly Butler. (Credited with Presentation/Posted to Blog)

Keats Q. 1 and 2. Christina Garza. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


10/25. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 (759-67); The German Ideology (767-69); from The Communist Manifesto (769-73); Grundrisse (773-74); "Preface to A Contribution. . ." (774-76); Capital, Vol. 1 Ch. 1 "Commodities" (776-83).

Marx/Engels Q. 02. Tiffany Hager. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Marx/Engels Q. 05 and 06. Timothy Gomez. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Marx/Engels Q. 08. Timothy Crugnale. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Marx/Engels Q. 09 and 10. Marilyn Carmody. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Marx/Engels Q. 17 and 18. Brian Miller. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Marx/Engels Q. 22 and 23. Matthew Rippon. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


11/01. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allan Poe. From Emerson's The American Scholar (717-21); "The Poet" (724-39). Poe's "The Philosophy of Composition" (739-50). Journal Set 2 Due by Email.

Emerson Q. 02. Krystle Santana. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Emerson Q. 06. Melissa Porter. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Poe Q. 04. Kimberly Butler. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


11/08. Charles Baudelaire, Stephane Mallarme. Baudelaire's The Painter of Modern Life (789-802). Mallarme's "Crisis in Poetry" (841-51).

Baudelaire Q. 03. Deborah Meza. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Baudelaire Q. 06. Christina Harris. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Baudelaire Q. 07. Mark Williams. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Baudelaire Q. 08. Christina Ramirez. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Mallarme Q. 04. Robert Taylor. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


11/15. Matthew Arnold, Walter Pater, Oscar Wilde. Arnold's "The Function of Criticism at the Present Time" (802-25). From Pater's Studies in the History of the Renaissance (833-41). Wilde's "The Critic as Artist" (895-912). Paragraph describing Term Paper topic and argument due by email.

Arnold Q. 03. Robert Taylor. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Arnold Q. 06. Deborah Meza. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Arnold Q. 08. Paula Melendez. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Pater Q. 01. Melissa Porter. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Wilde Q. 02. Elizabeth Franz. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Wilde Q. 07. Christina Garza. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


11/22. Thanksgiving Holiday -- no classes all week.


11/29. Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud. Nietzsche's "On Truth and Lying in a Non-Moral Sense" (870-884). Freud's "The Uncanny" (929-52).

Nietzsche Q. 01. Tiffany Hager. (No Presentation/Posted to Blog)

Nietzsche Q. 03. Brianna Geisbush. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Nietzsche Q. 04. Ashley Carranza. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Freud Q. 02. Melissa Porter. (No Presentation)

Freud Q. 06. Ashley Carranza. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


12/06. Ferdinand de Saussure. From Course in General Linguistics, "Introduction" and Part One, Chapter I (956-77).

De Saussure Q. 01. Elizabeth Franz. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

De Saussure Q. 03. Paula Melendez. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

De Saussure Q. 05. Christina Ramirez. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

De Saussure Q. 06. Gay Tarin. (Presented/Posted to Blog)


Final Exam Date: Thursday, December 13th 7:30-9:20 p.m. in class.

Journal Set 3 and the Term Paper will be due by email attachment on or before Friday, December 21st. (I must turn in grades by Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008.) For your other courses, check CSUF's Final Exam Schedule.

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