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Four separate sets of journal entries will be due on the dates below, word-processed and emailed. For each author, write at least one single-spaced page of relevant observations. Together, the four journal sets are 30% of the course grade.

Wk 04 (00/00) Set 1: Whitman through and including.

Wk 08 (00/00) Set 2: .

Wk 12 (00/00) Set 3: .

After Exam Wk (00/00) Set 4: .

Turning in Sets. Please word-process journal sets, but if you handwrite, write legibly. Email your journal sets sometime during the day they are due, and label the message subject line logically: as in "E222-R Journal 2, Jane B. Student." (You can use attachments, or simply cut-and-paste your entries.) Label the authors and questions. Please don't send more than one complete journal set (if late) in the same message, and don't combine a message containing your journal set with, say, a paper draft or other important item — things get "electronically misplaced" that way. EXPECT AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION FROM ME — IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE ONE WITHIN 2 DAYS, I HAVEN'T RECEIVED YOUR JOURNAL!

Late Journal Sets. They are acceptable, but will receive a maximum grade of B. You cannot turn in more than one late set at the end of the semester. In other words, it is not acceptable to write up three or four complete journal sets and turn them in late in the semester. That defeats the whole point of keeping a journal.

How to Respond. Responses will vary in length. There's no need to respond exhaustively — just thoughtfully.

How Journals are Graded

A: all journal sets turned in complete and on time; responses are specific and consistently thoughtful.

B: all journal sets turned in (for the most part on time), but incomplete in terms of assigned authors or quality of response. Or all turned in, but mostly late.

C: one journal set missing, but all others completed satisfactorily and on time. Alternatively, all sets turned in, but responses show little effort to understand the texts.

D: two or more journal sets missing, and/or responses clearly not thoughtful enough to suggest serious engagement with the texts.

F: student has failed to turn in any journal sets. Anyone who does this would probably have to earn an "A" in all other components (attendance, final, paper) just to pass the course.


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