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+ ~hc~Audio Sessions for English 301 Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism, Spring 2009, Instructor Alfred J. Drake, Ph.D. at Chapman University in Orange, California~/hc~<h3>^-=MP3 AUDIO FOR E301 INTRO TO LITERARY THEORY AND CRITICISM, CHAPMAN U SPRING 2009 (10/03/10)=-^</h3>{img src="img/wiki_up/title_301_chapman.gif"}<b> [mailto:e301@ajdrake.com|Email] | ((E301_Requirements|Home)) | ((E301_Syllabus|Syllabus)) | ((E301_Policies|Policies)) | ((E301_Questions|Questions)) | ((E301_Presentations|Presentations)) ((E301_Journals|Journals)) | ((E301_Paper|Paper)) | ((E301_Final_Prep|Final)) | ((Blogs_Indices|Blogs)) | ((E301_Audio|Audio)) | [http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-list_file_gallery.php|Guides] | [http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-directory_browse.php|Links]</b>Note: To listen to an MP3 file, left-click on the relevant hyperlink. If you have DSL or cable modem, it is also feasible to download and store the entire file (5-15 megabytes). To do that, right-click on the relevant link, choose "Save link as" from the popup menu, and choose a file name and storage location.<b>Audio (C) Copyright 2009 Alfred J. Drake.</b> All audio files on ~np~www.ajdrake.com/wiki~/np~ are intended for individual, non-profit use only and may not be redistributed for any reason (profit or non-profit).<h3 align="center">SESSION SCHEDULE: FOLLOWING WORKS DISCUSSED ON DATES INDICATED</h3><h3>WEEK 1</h3>Tu. 02/03. Course introduction. <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/01_1_feb_03_intro.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 02/05. Introduction to Basic Critical Orientations. (Session canceled.)<h3>WEEK 2</h3>Tu. 02/10. Plato's <i>Ion</i> (37-48 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/02_1_feb_10_plato.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 02/12. From Plato's <i>Republic</i> Books II, III, VII, X (49-81 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/02_2_feb_12_plato.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b><h3>WEEK 3</h3>Tu. 02/17. Aristotle's <i>Poetics</i> (86-117 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/03_1_feb_17_aristotle.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 02/19. Aristotle's <i>Poetics</i> (86-117 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/03_2_feb_19_aristotle.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b><h3>WEEK 4</h3>Tu. 02/24. Horace's <i>Ars Poetica</i> (121-35 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/04_1_feb_24_horace.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 02/26. Samuel Johnson. <i>The Rambler,</i> No. 4 "On Fiction" (458-66); from <i>Rasselas</i> (466-68); "Preface to Shakespeare" (468-80). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/04_2_feb_26_johnson.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b><h3>WEEK 5</h3>Tu. 03/03. Immanuel Kant. From <i>Critique of Judgment</i> Book I: "Analytic of the Beautiful." (499-518 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/05_1_mar_03_kant.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 03/05. Immanuel Kant. From <i>Critique of Judgment</i> Book II: "Analytic of the Sublime" (519-36 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/05_2_mar_05_kant.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b><h3>WEEK 6</h3>Tu. 03/10. Hegel's "Master-Slave Dialectic" from <i>The Phenomenology of Mind</i> (626-36 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/06_1_mar_10_hegel.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 03/12. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. From <i>Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844</i> (759-67 Leitch); from <i>The German Ideology</i> (767-69 Leitch); from <i>Grundrisse</i> (773-74 Leitch); from "Preface" to <i>A Contribution...</i> (774-76 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/06_2_mar_12_marx.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b> <h3>WEEK 7</h3>Tu. 03/17. Friedrich Nietzsche. "On Truth and Lying in a Non-Moral Sense" (870-884 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/07_1_mar_17_nietzsche.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 03/19. Sigmund Freud. <i>From The Interpretation of Dreams</i> (919-29 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/07_2_mar_19_freud.mp3|SESSION AUDIO] </b><h3>WEEK 8</h3>Tu. 03/24. John Crowe Ransom. "Criticism, Inc" (Sections 1, 4 and 5 only: 1108-09, 1115-18 Leitch). Cleanth Brooks. "The Heresy of Paraphrase" from <i>The Well Wrought Urn</i> (1353-65 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/08_1_mar_24_ransom_brooks.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 03/26. William Empson. "'Honest' in <i>Othello</i>" (35-49 McDonald). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/08_2_mar_26_empson.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b><h3>WEEK 9</h3>Tu. 03/31. Simone de Beauvoir. From <i>The Second Sex</i> (1403-14 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/09_1_mar_31_de_beauvoir.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 04/02. Gayle Greene. "This that you call love": Sexual and Social Tragedy" (655-68 McDonald) and Madelon Gohlke Sprengnether. "'I wooed thee with my sword': Shakespeare's Tragic Paradigms" (591-605 McDonald). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/09_2_apr_02_greene_sprengnether.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b><h3>WEEK 10</h3>Tu. 04/07. Spring Break: no classes.Th. 04/09. Spring Break: no classes.<h3>WEEK 11</h3>Tu. 04/14. Jan Kott. "<i>King Lear</i> or Endgame" (174-190 McDonald). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/11_1_apr_14_kott.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 04/16. William R. Keast. "The 'New Criticism' and <i>King Lear</i>" (63-87 McDonald). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/11_2_apr_16_keast.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b><h3>WEEK 12</h3>Tu. 04/21. Stanley Cavell. "The Avoidance of Love: A Reading of <i>King Lear</i>" (338-52 McDonald). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/12_1_apr_21_cavell.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 04/23. Raymond Williams. From "Marxism and Literature" (1565-75 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/12_2_apr_23_williams.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b><h3>WEEK 13</h3>Tu. 04/28. Michel Foucault. "What is an Author?" (1622-36 Leitch); from "Truth and Power" (1667-70 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/13_1_apr_28_foucault.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 04/30. Jonathan Dollimore. "<i>King Lear</i> (ca. 1605-06) and Essentialist Humanism" (535-46 McDonald). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/13_2_apr_30_dollimore.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b><h3>WEEK 14</h3>Tu. 05/05. Film of <i>The Tempest.</i>Th. 05/07. Edward Said. From <i>Orientalism</i> (1986-2012 Leitch). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/14_2_may_07_said.mp3|SESSION AUDIO] </b><h3>WEEK 15</h3>Tu. 05/12. Meredith Anne Skura. "Discourse and the Individual: The Case of Colonialism in <i>The Tempest</i>" (817-44 McDonald). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/15_1_may_12_skura.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>Th. 05/14. Francis Barker and Peter Hulme. "Nymphs and Reapers Heavily Vanish: the Discursive Con-texts of <i>The Tempest</i>" (781-93 McDonald). <b>[http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/301_Spr_2009/15_2_may_14_barker.mp3|SESSION AUDIO]</b>


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