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Course Particulars. English 301, Course Code 12978. Tuesday 7:00-9:45 p.m. University Hall (UH) 206. Office hrs: Tuesday after class in University Hall 329. e301@ajdrake.com. Catalog: "Prerequisite: English 101. An advanced course in writing expository prose. Emphasizes precision in rhetoric and development of individual style by concentration on matters of diction, audience, emphasis and persuasion. Required of English majors seeking a secondary credential. Instructional fee. Units: (3)." I will use +/- grading.

Required Texts (At Titan Bookstore)

Kirszner, Laurie and Stephen R. Mandell. The Concise Wadsworth Handbook. Thomson/Wadsworth. ISBN: 1-4130-1030-X.

Special Request: Email assignments as Word/WP attachments. Email them separately — i.e. send your papers attached in separate emails, and two separate emails for the three journal sets. Label subject lines appropriately: "E301 Paper 1 Rough Draft, Jane Smith" etc. Please contact me if you don't receive an email confirmation within two days.

Course Policies. Please review early in the semester.

2 Papers Requirement. Rough drafts required, final draft (5-7 pg) due as specified towards the bottom of the syllabus page. Follow MLA guidelines. See Resources/Guides/Writing Guides: MLA, Grammar, Deductive, Citing, Analyzing, and Editing. 50% of course grade (#1 = 20%, #2 = 30%). Although rough drafts are required, the grade is based on final drafts.

Journal Requirement. Keep a word-processed journal based on your thoughts about what you've been reading (texts from other classes, texts read for pleasure, newspapers/magazines — the source doesn't matter) — what makes it good or bad in terms of style, argument, structure, content, or some mixture of those elements? Three times during the semester, I'll collect journal installments. 20% of course grade.

Presentations Requirement. Each participant will offer two (or three if enrollment warrants) brief in-class presentations (5-7 minutes or so) developed from journal observations. One week in advance of their presentation, students will hand out copies of a one or two-page selection from something they've been reading, and the next week we will all bring the selection to class again to listen to their comments on what makes it worthwhile or otherwise. As with the journal requirement, the idea here is simple: people who read with an eye for quality and detail find themselves paying more attention to their own writing. 15% of course grade.

Final Exam Requirement. The exam will consist of materials that will test what you have learned about grammar, style, quotation-handling, and argumentation strategies. Books and notes allowed for all sections. Exam date Tuesday, Dec. 12th 7:30-8:50 p.m. 15% of course grade.

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Week 1

08/22. Introduction to class and to wiki features.

Week 2

08/29. Discussion of

Week 3


Week 4

09/12. Paper 1 Rough Draft due.

Week 5

09/19. Journal Set 1 due.

Week 6


Week 7


Week 8

10/10. Paper 1 Final Draft due.

Week 9


Week 10

10/24. Journal Set 2 due.

Week 11


Week 12

11/07. Paper 2 Rough Draft due.

Week 13


Week 14

11/21. Thanksgiving Holiday. No classes all week.

Week 15


Week 16

12/05. Journal Set 3 due.

Finals Week

Final Exam. Final Exam Date Tuesday, Dec. 12th 7:30-8:50 p.m. Also due:Paper 2 Final Draft. (I must turn in grades by Tuesday, Jan. 2nd, 2007.) For other courses, see CSUF's Final Exam Schedule.


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