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What's the basic assignment? This is a more or less informal assignment: write down your thoughts about material you are currently reading for this or other classes, or on your own beyond class, with regard both to its style and (to a lesser extent) its content. Two separate journal sets will be due by email. You should write approximately one single-spaced page per week, beginning with Week 2. So the first bundled journal set, which will be due over the weekend of Week 7 (Sunday, March 17), should consist of around 6 single-spaced pages with a common typeface and point size. The second set will be due on exam day (Tuesday, May 21), and it should be approximately 8 single-spaced pages (since one of those weeks is spring recess and there's no need to count that one). When I say "bundled," I mean that the first six-page set should be emailed as one Word or similar document, not a bunch of separate files for each entry. The same is true for the second set due on exam day.


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