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- ^-=::SYLLABUS FOR E432 SHAKESPEARE'S TRAGEDIES AND ROMANCES, CHAPMAN U SPRING 2009 (10/13/08)::=-^::{img src="img/wiki_up/title_432.gif" }::::__[mailto:e432@ajdrake.com|Email] | ((E432_Requirements|Home)) | ((E432_Syllabus|Syllabus)) | ((E432_Policies|Policies)) | ((E432_Questions|Questions)) | ((E432_Presentations|Presentations)) ((E432_Journals|Journals)) | ((E432_Paper|Paper)) | ((E432_Final_Prep|Final)) | ((Blogs_Indices|Blogs)) | ((E432_Audio|Audio)) | [http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-list_file_gallery.php|Guides] | [http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-directory_browse.php|Links]__::__Course Information.__ English 432. T/Th. 11:30-12:45 p.m. Locaton: TBD. Instructor: Alfred J. Drake, Ph.D. Office hours: T/Th. 10-11: 15 a.m. in Cyber Café (Beckman). __[mailto:e432@ajdrake.com|e432@ajdrake.com].__ Catalog: "Prerequisite, ENG 301. Advanced study of approximately 10 of Shakespeare's tragedies and romances with attention to their literary, historical, and cultural contexts. This course can be used to satisfy the pre-1850 distribution requirement for English majors. (Offered spring semester.) 3 credits."__Required Texts at the Chapman U Bookstore__Bevington, David, ed. ''Shakespeare's Tragedies.'' Longman, 2007. ISBN-13: 978-0-321-36628-3.Bevington, David, ed. ''Shakespeare's Romances and Poems.'' Longman, 2007. ISBN-13: 978-0-321-36625-2.__Optional Materials:__ __[http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=Blogs_Indices|Instructor & Student Blogs]__ | __((E432_Audio|Class Sessions in MP3 Audio))__ | __[http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-list_file_gallery.php|Guides]__ | __[http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-directory_browse.php|Offsite Links]__.----__~~red:UNDER CONSTRUCTION THOUGH MOSTLY COMPLETE; READING LIST IS UNLIKELY TO CHANGE~~____((E432_Policies|Course Policies)).__ Please review early in the semester. __((E432_Presentations|Presentations Requirement: Link to Full Instructions))__. At the beginning of the course, students will sign up for two or three (depending on class size) three-to-five-minute in-class presentations on authors of their choosing (if possible). I will provide presenters with specific questions to address (from among those on the author questions pages) and within a few days after sign-up I will post a schedule on the Presentations page. Each session will feature several presentations. ===''Required:''=== Several days before you present, email me as full a draft as possible of what you intend to say in class. I will email you back with advice. I will post your original draft to the students' blog for this course, but if in my comments I suggested developing the remarks further, you should also send me a revised version within one week after your in-class presentation so that I can post the new version. Other students may, if they wish, access the written entries as they're added by visiting the appropriately named link on the [http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=Blogs_Indices|Course Blogs Index Page]. 20% of course grade.__((E432_Journals|Journals Requirement: Link to Full Instructions))__. Responses to a choice of questions from the study questions page for each author. Three separate journal sets due by email as specified below in reading schedule. Electronic format required. (30%) __((E432_Paper|Two Term Papers Requirement: Link to Full Instructions)).__ __~~red:By the end of Weeks 6 and 12, respectively, a one-paragraph description addressing the topic and argument of the projected papers will be due by email.~~__ (Full rough drafts are also encouraged.) Not providing this description on time for each paper may affect the final draft grade. Please read the term paper instructions carefully since they contain the general prompt, suggested topics, and advance draft comments. I reserve the right to require proof of the final papers' authenticity, such as notes or an early draft. Final drafts (5-7 pages; second paper 10-15 pages for graduates) due by the weekend of Weeks 8 and exam week or as specified towards the bottom of the syllabus page. Follow either MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines. Research is optional for undergraduates, but required for graduates' second (longer) paper; see __[http://www.chapman.edu/academics/libraries.asp|Chapman Library]__. See Resources/Guides/Writing Guides: __[http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=7|MLA]__, __[http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=6|Grammar]__, __[http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=5|Deductive]__, __[http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=3|Citing]__, __[http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1|Analyzing]__, and __[http://www.ajdrake.com/wiki/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=2|Editing]__. (20% and 30%, total 50%) __[mailto:e432@ajdrake.com|Emailing Journals/Paper/Presentations to e432@ajdrake.com].__ Email journals, presentations, and term paper as attachments. Don't send more than one document in the same email. Label subject lines appropriately: "E432 Journal 1, Jane Smith" etc. You can paste journal sets into a regular email or send them as an attachment. (Journal "sets" include responses to questions about several authors; do not send entries on each author in a given set separately -- responses on the relevant authors should be combined into one document.) Contact me if you don't receive an email confirmation within approximately three days.__Questions:__ __((E432_Titus|''Titus Andronicus''))__ | __((E432_Romeo|''Romeo and Juliet''))__ | __((E432_Julius_Caesar|''Julius Caesar''))__ | __((E432_Hamlet|''Hamlet''))__ | __((E432_Troilus|''Troilus and Cressida''))__ | __((E432_Othello|''Othello''))__ | __((E432_Macbeth|''Macbeth''))__ | __((E432_Lear|''King Lear''))__ | __((E432_Antony|''Antony & Cleopatra''))__ | __((E432_Winters|''The Winter's Tale''))__ | __((E432_Tempest|''The Tempest''))__. __LECTURE SCHEDULE: WE WILL DISCUSS THE FOLLOWING WORKS ON THE DATES INDICATED__<h3>~~green:WEEK 1~~</h3>Tu. 02/03. Course introduction.Th. 02/05. ''Titus Andronicus,'' Act 1.<h3>~~green:WEEK 2~~</h3>Tu. 02/10. ''Titus Andronicus,'' Acts 2-3.Th. 02/12. ''Titus Andronicus,'' Acts 4-5.<h3>~~green:WEEK 3~~</h3>Tu. 02/17. ''Romeo and Juliet,'' Acts 1-3.Th. 02/19. ''Romeo and Juliet,'' Acts 4-5.<h3>~~green:WEEK 4~~</h3>Tu. 02/24. ''Julius Caesar,'' Acts 1-3.Th. 02/26. ''Julius Caesar,'' Acts 4-5. ((E432_Journals|Journal Set 1 Due by Email by Sunday, 03/01))<h3>~~green:WEEK 5~~</h3>Tu. 03/03. ''Hamlet,'' Act 1.Th. 03/05. ''Hamlet,'' Act 2.<h3>~~green:WEEK 6~~</h3>Tu. 03/10. ''Hamlet,'' Act 3.Th. 03/12. ''Hamlet,'' Acts 4-5. __((E432_Paper|Paragraph on first paper topic and argument due by Sunday, 03/15)).__<h3>~~green:WEEK 7~~</h3>Tu. 03/17. ''Troilus and Cressida,'' Acts 1-3.Th. 03/19. ''Troilus and Cressida,'' Acts 4-5.<h3>~~green:WEEK 8~~</h3>Tu. 03/24. ''Othello,'' Acts 1-3.Th. 03/26. ''Othello,'' Acts 4-5. __((E432_Paper|First paper due by Sunday, 03/29)).__<h3>~~green:WEEK 9~~</h3>Tu. 03/31. ''Macbeth,'' Acts 1-3.Th. 04/02. ''Macbeth,'' Acts 4-5. ((E432_Journals|Journal Set 2 Due by Email by Sunday, 04/05))<h3>~~green:WEEK 10~~</h3>__~~red:Tu. 04/07. Spring Break: no classes.~~____~~red:Th. 04/09. Spring Break: no classes.~~__<h3>~~green:WEEK 11~~</h3>Tu. 04/14. ''King Lear,'' Act 1.Th. 04/16. ''King Lear,'' Act 2.<h3>~~green:WEEK 12~~</h3>Tu. 04/21. ''King Lear,'' Act 3.Th. 04/23. ''King Lear,'' Acts 4-5.<h3>~~green:WEEK 13~~</h3>Tu. 04/28. ''Antony and Cleopatra,'' Acts 1-3.Th. 04/30. ''Antony and Cleopatra,'' Acts 4-5. __((E432_Paper|Paragraph on second paper topic and argument due by Sunday, 05/03)).__<h3>~~green:WEEK 14~~</h3>Tu. 05/05. ''The Winter's Tale,'' Acts 1-3.Th. 05/07. ''The Winter's Tale,'' Acts 4-5.<h3>~~green:WEEK 15~~</h3>Tu. 05/12. ''The Tempest,'' Acts 1-3.Th. 05/14. ''The Tempest,'' Acts 4-5.<h3>~~green:FINALS WEEK~~</h3>Final Exam Date: __~~red:TBD May 18-23~~__ Due by TBD: __((E432_Paper|Second Paper))__ and __((E432_Journals|Journal Set 3))__. I must turn in grades by Sunday, May 31st. For your other courses, check the Spring 2009 __[http://www.chapman.edu/RegOffice/finalSchedule.asp|Chapman Final Exam Schedule.]__
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