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- ^-=::AUDIO SESSIONS E457 BRITISH ROMANTIC LITERATURE, CSU FULLERTON SPRING 2006::=-^ ::{img src="img/wiki_up/title_457.gif"}::© Copyright 2006 Alfred J. Drake. All audio files on ~np~www.ajdrake.com/wiki~/np~ are intended for individual, non-profit use only and may not be redistributed for any reason (profit or non-profit).<h3>WEEK 1</h3>02/02. Introduction to Course and to Wiki Features. [NO AUDIO] <h3>WEEK 2</h3>02/09. William Blake and Mary Robinson. ''Songs of Innocence and of Experience'' (43-59), "The Book of Thel" (59-64), ''The Marriage of Heaven and Hell'' (72-84). Robinson's "London's Summer Morning" (92-93), "January, 1795" (93-94), "The Poor Singing Dame" (94-96), and "The Haunted Beach" (96-97). [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/02_1_feb_09_blake_robinson_457.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION]<h3>WEEK 3</h3>02/16. Edmund Burke, Mary Wollstonecraft, Thomas Paine, William Godwin, William Hazlitt. Burke's ''Reflections on the Revolution in France'' (121-28). Wollstonecraft's ''A Vindication of the Rights of Men'' (128-33). Paine's ''Rights of Man'' (133-37). Godwin's ''Enquiry Concerning Political Justice,'' online selection from Book 4, Ch. 2: "Of Revolutions." Hazlitt's "The French Revolution" (84-98, Oxford edition). [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/03_1_feb_16_french_rev_457.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION]<h3>WEEK 4</h3>02/23. William Wordsworth. "Preface" to ''Lyrical Ballads'' (238-51), "She dwelt among the untrodden ways" (252), "Three years she grew" (252-53), "Lucy Gray" (254-56), "I wandered lonely as a cloud" (284-85), "The Solitary Reaper" (293-94), "Tintern Abbey" (235-38); "Intimations of Immortality" (286-92). [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/04_1_feb_23_wordsworth_preface_etc.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION]<h3>WEEK 5</h3>03/02. William and Dorothy Wordsworth. William's ''The Prelude'' (303-83). Dorothy's ''Alfoxden'' and ''Grasmere Journals'' (383-97). [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/05_1_mar_02_wordsworth_prelude.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION] <h3>WEEK 6</h3>03/09. Samuel Taylor Coleridge. ''Biographia Literaria'' (467-86), ''Lectures on Shakespeare'' (486-89), ''The Statesman's Manual'' (489-92), "The Eolian Harp" (419-20), "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" (422-38), "Kubla Khan" (439-41), "Frost at Midnight" (457-58), "Dejection: an Ode" (459-62). [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/06_1_mar_09_coleridge.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION]<h3>WEEK 7</h3>03/16. Lord Byron. "Written after Swimming from Sestos to Abydos" (555-56), "She Walks in Beauty" (556-57), "Darkness" (559-60), "January 22nd. Missolonghi" (562-63), ''Manfred'' (588-621). [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/07_1_mar_16_byron_manfred_etc.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION] <h3>WEEK 8</h3>03/23. Lord Byron. ''Don Juan'' (621-89), Letters (689-98). Journal Set 2 Due. [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/08_1_mar_23_byron_juan_letters.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION]<h3>WEEK 9</h3>03/30. Spring Recess. No classes all week. <h3>WEEK 10</h3>04/06. Jane Austen. ''Persuasion.'' (Film) <h3>WEEK 11</h3>04/13. Jane Austen. ''Persuasion.'' (Oxford edition.) [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/11_1_apr_13_austen_persuasion.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION] <h3>WEEK 12</h3>04/20. Percy Bysshe Shelley. Shelley's "Defense of Poetry" (789-802), "Mutability" (701), "Mont Blanc" (720-23), "Ozymandias" (725-26), "Ode to the West Wind" (730-32), "To a ~np~Sky-Lark~/np~" (765-67), "Adonais" (772-86). [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/12_1_apr_20_shelley_defence_etc.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION]<h3>WEEK 13</h3>04/27. Percy Bysshe Shelley. __''The Cenci''__ electronic edition and ''Prometheus Unbound'' (732-62). [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/13_1_apr_27_shelley_prometheus_cenci.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION]<h3>WEEK 14</h3>05/04. John Keats. "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer" (826-27), "The Eve of St. Agnes" (834-44), "Ode to Psyche" (847-49), "Ode to a Nightingale" (849-51), "Ode on a Grecian Urn" (851-53), "To Autumn" (872-73), "Letters" (889-903). [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/14_1_may_04_keats.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION]<h3>WEEK 15</h3>05/11. William Hazlitt, Thomas De Quincey. Hazlitt's "On Personal Identity" (190-202), "Originality" (270-77), "On the Elgin Marbles" (277-96). (Oxford edition). De Quincey's ''Confessions of an English Opium-Eater'' (529-43), "On the Knocking at the Gate in ''Macbeth''" (543-46). [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/15_1_may_11_hazlitt_dequincey.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION]<h3>WEEK 16</h3>05/18. James Hogg. ''The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner.'' (Oxford edition.) [http://ajdrake.com/wiki/audio/457_Spr_2006/16_1_may_18_hogg.mp3|AUDIO OF SESSION]
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