Audio MP3 for E222-TR, CSU Fullerton Fall 2006

Note: To listen to an MP3 file, left-click on the relevant hyperlink. If you have DSL or cable modem, it is also feasible to download the entire file to your own computer and store it permanently. To do that, right-click on the relevant link, choose "Save link as" from the popup menu, and choose a file name and storage location. The files are large (5-15 megabytes), so if you are using 56kbps dialup, I wouldn't advise saving them to disk since your download would be time-consuming.

Audio removed — course completed.

Technical Note: I record audio files in class with an Olympus DM-1 digital voice recorder, transfer them via USB to my laptop, edit them in Nero Wave Editor and convert them to 16 kbps mp3 files with Nero's mp3 Pro encoding feature. Then they are uploaded to a folder in this wiki and the final step is to provide hyperlinks on this page.