E222-TR Presentations, CSU Fullerton Fall 2006

Instructions. Students will sign up for one 5-minute informal presentation. On the first day, students will choose authors. Soon afterwards, I will post the resulting schedule on this page. Each session will feature a few presentations. At least one week before you present, contact me to discuss your ideas. After you present, send me a written version and I will post it to a course blog. The written version should be similar to your class comments, though it need not be identical. 15%.

Purpose of Presentations. Structuring sessions partly around students' comments builds on the fact that most participants enjoy courses more when they play an active role. While an instructor has many responsibilities, students are also responsible for the course's success.

Evaluating Presentations. I will judge presentations on the following grounds: did the student 1) consult with me beforehand to discuss ideas, to ask what others might find valuable, etc? 2) seem to have put genuine effort into preparing, including discussing the presentation with me as required? 3) speak clearly and audibly?

Rescheduling Presentations. If you need to miss your scheduled presentation, let me know well in advance if possible, and contact me about rescheduling.

Tips on Presenting. Sit anywhere you like, although I suggest that you speak at the front. Please explain the basic point of your presentation before you go into detail. Address the entire class and remind us of page numbers. Speak firmly so everyone can hear — pitch your voice at people at the room's far end, not those near you.

Below is a list containing the authors/texts we will discuss and the presenters' names. If you notice that (as with Chopin and Frost, for instance) your author is covered in two sessions rather than one, please try to work up a presentation that deals with a relevant part of the text for your session — i.e. the first or second half of Chopin's ''The Awakening" or a poem from the first half of the Frost section.


09/07. Henry James. "The Art of Fiction" (553-67).

Sarah Viney. (Yes)


9/12. Kate Chopin. The Awakening (633-723).

Allison Adams. (Yes)

9/14. Kate Chopin. The Awakening (633-723). Journal Set 1 Due.

Caryn Ahlefeld. (Yes)


09/19. Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. DuBois. Washington's Up from Slavery Ch. XIV (760-68). DuBois' The Souls of Black Folk (876-901).

Allyson Kiyan. Either author will work. (Yes)

09/21. Jack London. Tales of the Pacific. (Separate text.) "The House of Mapuhi" (31-53); "Mauki (64-79).

Jamie Glore. (One story) (Yes)


09/26. Jack London. Tales of the Pacific. (Separate text.) "The Sheriff of Kona" (121-34); "Koolau the Leper" (135-50); "The Bones of Kehekili" (151-73).

James Le. (No)

Michael Miller. (Yes)

09/28. Amy Lowell. Selections (1143-50).

Jolene Del Pozo. (Yes)


10/03. Robert Frost. Selections (1174-1201).

Crystal Barnett. (Yes)

Holly Fitzgerald. (Yes)

10/05. Robert Frost. Selections (1174-1201).

Thu Hoang. (Yes)

Jessica Rodriguez. (Yes)


10/10. William Carlos Williams. Selections (1263-81).

Laura Sierra. (Yes)

10/12. Wallace Stevens. Selections (1234-51). Journal Set 2 Due.

Jared Gummig. (Yes)


10/17. Eugene O'Neill. Long Day's Journey into Night (1340-1417).

Eduardo Ballarta. (Yes)

10/19. Eugene O'Neill. Long Day's Journey into Night (1340-1417).

Emily Fang. (Yes)

Michael Miller. (Yes)


10/24. T. S. Eliot. "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" (1420-22), "Tradition and the Individual Talent" (1425-28).

Melissa Mendez. "Prufrock." (Yes)

Jenny Kang. "Tradition..." (Yes)

10/26. T. S. Eliot. "The Waste Land" (1430-43).

Joanna Guerra. (Yes)

Sharlene Popplewell. (Yes)


10/31. Nella Larsen. Quicksand (1527-1609).

Phoebe Chiu. (Yes)

James Le. (Yes)

11/02. Nella Larsen. Quicksand (1527-1609).

Anjela Perez. (Yes)

Ashley Hodson. (No)


11/07. F. Scott Fitzgerald. "Winter Dreams" and "Babylon Revisited" (1641-72).

Meghan McKenzie. (Yes)

Krista Orpitelli. (Yes)

11/09. Ernest Hemingway. "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" (1846-64). Journal Set 3 Due.

Christopher Ramirez. (Yes)

Sandy Palas. (Yes)


11/14. Langston Hughes. Selections (1891-1901).

Yesenia Rivas. (Yes)

Amanda Hall. (Yes)

11/16. John Steinbeck. The Grapes of Wrath (1901-13).

Belinda Shaeffer. (Yes)

Eric Vieira. (Yes)


11/21. Thanksgiving Holiday. No classes all week.


11/28. Tennessee Williams. A Streetcar Named Desire (1976-2041).

Jade Lehar. (Yes)

Brianne McIntyre. (Yes)

11/30. Tennessee Williams. A Streetcar Named Desire (1976-2041).

Cynthia Romero. (Yes)


12/05. Allen Ginsberg. Selections (2863-77).

Merry Dowse. (Yes)

Kari Thune. (Yes)

Cassandra Voigt on a brief selection by Charles Bukowski. (Yes)

12/07. Sylvia Plath. Selections (2967-79).

Kelly Hawekotte. (Yes)

Mayra Orozco. (No)

Ashley Hodson. (No)