E240 Pindar Questions

Assigned: Selected Odes: Isthmian 3-4 (56-61); Olympian 2 (80-85); Nemean 3 (101-05); Pythian 2 (146-51); Olympian 7 (164-69); Isthmian 7 (224-26). (Penguin Edition.).

1. In any of the assigned odes, how does Pindar relate himself and his task as an artist to the athletes whose accomplishments he celebrates?

2. To what extent do Pindar's observations extend to areas of life beyond the realms of sporting competition and art? How does one or more of the assigned odes deal with such broader concerns?

3. What role do the lineage or family connections of the sports participants and, more broadly, Greek mythology play in in one or more of the assigned odes?

Edition: Pindar. The Odes. New York: Penguin, 1982. ISBN 0-14-044209-X.