Presentations for E240 World Ancient Literature, Chapman U Spring 2007

Questions: Gilgamesh | Egyptian Poetry | Bible | Homer | Pindar | Aeschylus | Plato | Classic of Poetry | Confucius | Chuang Chou | Mahabharata | Bhagavad Gita | Buddha | Jataka | Lucretius | Virgil | Gospels | Augustine | Kalidasa | T'ao Ch'ien.

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Instructions. Students will sign up for one 5-minute presentation based on study questions provided in the author links above. On the first day, students will choose authors. Soon afterwards, I will choose the specific questions to be addressed and post the resulting schedule on this page. Each session will feature one or more presentations. ''At least one week before you present, contact me to discuss your ideas. After you have given your in-class presentation, email me a written version so I can post it to the students' blog. Your emailed version should resemble your class comments, though it need not be identical to them. 15%.

Purpose of Presentations. Most participants enjoy courses more when they play an active role, and while an instructor has responsibilities, students are partly responsible for the course's success, too.

Evaluating Presentations. I will judge presentations on the following grounds: did the student 1) consult with me beforehand to discuss substantive ideas? 2) seem to have put genuine effort into preparing? Those who contact me at least one week beforehand to discuss their presentations and who send me a version that I can post to the students' blog within three days afterwards will likely receive an "A" for this part of the class. Those who don't are unlikely to receive much better than a passing grade, even if the in-class presentation goes well. Please note that I am not going to grade presentations so much on "in-class" factors as on how well students seem to have prepared and how well they follow up.

Rescheduling Presentations. If you need to miss your scheduled presentation, you must let me know well in advance if at all possible, and you are responsible for contacting me about rescheduling.

Tips on Presenting. Speak at the front of the class. Please read the question, address the entire class, and remind us of page numbers when you quote from the text. Speak firmly so everyone can hear -- pitch your voice at people at the room's far end, not those near you.

Below is a list containing three things for each session: the authors we will discuss, the number of each study question I've chosen for discussion, and the presenters' names. The hyperlink bar sends you to the relevant study question pages.

Note: if I include two questions rather than one, as in 12/13, the two questions will go together well to make a single presentation.

Week 03

Th. 02/15. Bible. Job (77-93).

Bible Q. 09. Rachel Hove. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Bible Q. 12. Nicholas Doll. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Week 04

Tu. 02/20. Homer. The Odyssey, Books 9-12 (319-76).

Homer Q. 32. Elizabeth Hartnett. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Homer Q. 34. Kristen Petersen. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Th. 02/22. Pindar. Selected Odes: Isthmian 3-4 (56-61); Olympian 2 (80-85); Nemean 3 (101-05); Pythian 2 (146-51); Olympian 7 (164-69); Isthmian 7 (224-26). (Penguin Edition.) Journal Set 1 Due.

Pindar Q. TBD. OPEN.

Week 05

Tu. 02/27. Aeschylus. The Oresteia: Agamemnon (533-82).

Aeschylus Q. 07. Emily Schuck. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Aeschylus Q. 11. Caitlin Brague. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Th. 03/01. Aeschylus. The Oresteia: The Eumenides (582-611).

Aeschylus Q. 15. Vanessa Gordon. (Presented/No Blog Post)

Aeschylus Q. 20. Erin Dudzinski. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Week 06

Tu. 03/06. Plato. The Apology of Socrates (779-99).

Plato Q. 01. Jenna Arther. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Plato Q. 04. Martha Abudeye. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Th. 03/08. Classic of Poetry (812-20).

Classic of Poetry Q. 06. Natalie McCarty. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Week 07

Tu. 03/13. Confucius. Analects (820-31).

Confucius Q. 04. Rhiannon Hronicek. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Th. 03/15. Chuang Chou. Chuang Tzu. (832-58).

Chuang Chou Q. 04. Jessica Jarvis. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Week 08

Tu. 03/20. The Mahabharata (953-83, from Books 1-2).

Mahabharata Q. 03. Rachel Lansky. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Th. 03/22. The Mahabharata (983-1001, from Books 5-12). Journal Set 2 Due.

Mahabharata Q. 09. Ben Jalowsky. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Week 09

Tu. 03/27. The Bhagavad-Gita (1002-1031).

Bhagavad Gita Q. 06. Michael Cassidy. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Th. 03/29. Buddha's Three Cardinal Discouses. The Jataka (1004-10). Journal Set 2 Due.

Buddha Q. 02. Andrea Mgebroff. (Presented/No Blog Post)

Jataka Q. 02. Nicholas Mazmanian. (Presented/No Blog Post)

Week 10

Tu. 04/03. Spring break.

Th. 04/05. Spring break.

Week 11

Tu. 04/10. Lucretius. On the Nature of the Universe (Books 1-3, Oxford ed.).

Lucretius Q. 04. Britney Houchen. (Presented/No Blog Post)

Th. 04/12. Lucretius. On the Nature of the Universe (Books 4-6, Oxford ed.).

Lucretius Q. 17. Stephen Whitlock. (Presented/No Blog Post)

Week 12

Tu. 04/17. Virgil. The Aeneid (1052-1105).

Virgil Q. 03. Katharine Jacobs. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Th. 04/19. Virgil. The Aeneid (1106-34).

Virgil Q. 12. Laurel Baltic. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Week 13

Tu. 04/24. The New Testament: Luke and Matthew (1206-21).

Gospels Q. 04. Kenneth Connally. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Th. 04/26. Saint Augustine. Confessions (1221-49).

Augustine Q. 06. Jenifer Wiseman. (Presented/Posted to Blog)

Augustine Q. 07. Jared Godair. (Did not Present/Posted to Blog)

Week 14

Th. 05/03. Kalidasa. Ã…Å¡akuntala and the Ring of Recollection (1267-1332, Acts I-VII).

Kalidasa Q. 02. Jessica Hooper. (Presented/No Blog Post)

Kalidasa Q. 04. Brittany Traufler. (Presented/No Blog Post)

Week 15

Tu. 05/08. T'ao Ch'ien. Selected Prose and Poetry (1360-73).

T'ao Ch'ien Q. Own Question. Eric Marty. (Presented/No Blog Post)

Th. 05/10. Optional Review.

Final Exam

Final Exam Date: Thursday, May 17, 1:30-4:00. Also due: Term Paper and Journal Set 3. I must turn in grades by 4:00 pm Wednesday, May 23. For your other courses, check the Spring 2007 Chapman Final Exam Schedule.