"Ibn Ishaq Questions for Alfred J. Drake's English 242: World Literature 400-1600 CE, Spring 2009 at Chapman University"



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Assigned: The Biography of the Prophet (1460-76).

The Biography of the Prophet

1. From 1463-67, what attracted Salman the Persian to the new religion being propounded by Muhammad? How does Muhammad treat this new adherent, and how does Salman come to be converted?

2. From 1467-71, under what circumstances does God begin to send Muhammad The Koran (i.e. Quran)? What sustenance does Muhammad receive from his wife Khadija, his uncle Abu Talib, and Abu Talib's son Ali?

3. From 1472-75, what difficulties does Muhammad have with the people of his own tribe, the Quraysh? How does he deal with their opposition? Why do Muhammad's words "I bring you slaughter" seem to have such an effect upon them? How does Hamza achieve Islam -- i.e. how does he confirm his status as a believer?

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