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Marcus Perez on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Act 5

Published by admin_main on Mon 18 Oct, 2010

21. In Act 5, Scenes 1-2, what course of action does Romeo determine now that (so far as he knows) Juliet is dead? What discomfiting news does Friar Lawrence receive about the progress of his plan for Romeo and Juliet?

In Act 5, Scenes 1-2 The course of action Romeo takes with the faulty knowledge that Juliet is dead is that he will write a letter to Montague as well as describing to Balthasar his return to Verona. Romeo is reminded of his eternity he promised to spend with his Juliet; he cements this promise by visiting the poor apothecary. Act 5.1 lines (34-57

Well, Juliet, I will lie with thee to-night. <br> Let's see for means: O mischief, thou art swift <br> To enter in the thoughts of desperate men! <br>

I do remember an apothecary,

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